Responsible Surrogacy

Information regarding the ethical aspects of the process

We recommend intended parents make sure that the surrogate has health insurance to cover medical expenses throughout the course of surrogacy – from medical tests before embryo transfer, through hormone therapy, the pregnancy itself and the tests conducted throughout the process and up until full recovery and return to normal life a few weeks or months after birth. We recommend confirming that the insurance will cover all medical expenses during this period, even those not directly related to pregnancy. In addition, we suggest making sure that the level of medical attention given to issues that are not directly related to pregnancy, as well as the level of attention in the days after pregnancy, will be identical to those applied for pregnancy related issues. In India, most surrogates do not regularly enjoy medical treatment in standards similar to those they receive in the hospitals in which the pre-birth tests and the birth itself take place. They regularly go to cheaper, less profesional hospitals with a lower level of sanitation. We recommend that the surrogate receive the best medical care, at least during pregnancy and the recovery from it. In other words, we recommend that intended parents address the care the surrogate receives as they would address the care of their fetus or baby.

The issue of the time span of the surrogate’s insurance policy is also significant. Complications during pregnancy may affect the health of the surrogate months or even years later. Should the insurance cover issues that might be raised so long after pregnancy? There is no one answer to that question and no standard that we are aware of. An interesting reference is that of the international regulation in the context of organ transplantation for money. If we were to go by the essence of these regulations, the recommendation would be that parents purchase full medical insurance for the year after birth – and if the surrogate suffered any physical or mental damage during pregnancy, this time period will be extended to five years. As mentioned above, these are only recommendations and the purpose of this comparison is to provide a general unbinding estimate in the absence of any standard in this regard.

In the absence of an option to purchase full health insurance, we recommend that the contract will state that all medical costs will be financed by the parents in the spirit of the aforementioned recommendations.

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