Responsible Surrogacy

Information regarding the ethical aspects of the process

Most surrogates interact with other surrogates during the process, whether they are friends who are surrogates themselves, women treated at the same clinic as them or women they converse with online. Such interactions provide the potential for mutual support and even organization for the achievement of common goals (depending on the local culture and the needs raised by the surrogates). However, in many cases, these interactions are mediated by the fertility clinic or surrogacy agency in a manner that could make open discussions and collaborations between surrogates difficult (for example if the medical treatment surrogates are receiving is inappropriate in some way).

In this context, we have no specific recommendation, except to be aware of the difficulties that surrogates might encounter in forming interaction within themselves. If possible, we recommend examining if the surrogate has access to other women in the process for the purpose of consulting, support and organization if necessary. If this is her first surrogacy process, you can ask the agency to provide the surrogate with a surrogate “mentor” that has already experienced the process, if she’d find that helpful. Additionally, in many countries, there are Facebook groups and forums dedicated to mutual support between surrogates (such as SMO is the US and Tapuz in Israel).

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