Responsible Surrogacy

Information regarding the ethical aspects of the process

Intended parents often dedicate much time and effort in choosing the right surrogate and egg donor, who suit them best. However, we believe that these women’s preference of intended parents should also be taken into account. In this context, surrogacy processes largely differ one from the other. In Canada, for example, it is the surrogate who chooses the intended parents (and not vice versa) from a pool. On the other side, there are processes in which the surrogate is not provided with any information about the parents until birth (and sometimes not even then). For example, in India, many surrogates did not know that the intended parents are a same-sex couple. Would this information affect surrogates’ choices in India, assuming most of them come from a traditional background? If so – should we allow homophobia to influence the process? What comes first – the desire not to give in to the homophobic prejudice or the parents’ wish to allow surrogates to avoid processes with which they do not feel comfortable? Like many other questions, there is no one solution that fits all. However, we recommend taking into account the fact that surrogates have values and a cultural background, even if these sometimes differ from that of our own, and that they deserves to feel that the process and its results agree with their set of beliefs. Besdies the basic profile of the intended parents, surrogates should also receive medical information about the intended parents. For example, if the parents turned to surrogacy due to infertility problems, this might affect the probability of a successful pregnancy. This, in turn, might affect the surrogate’s initial decision to try and help these specific parents, and therefore such information should be made available to her.

If no face to face meeting with the surrogate is scheduled before signing the agreement, we recommend that parents check with the surrogacy agency which information is supplied to the surrogate regarding the intended parents. All this is also true for egg donors, particularly in processes that involve anonymous donation.

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