Responsible Surrogacy

Information regarding the ethical aspects of the process

Besides medical costs, there are additional financial implications for the surrogate during the course of the pregnancy. First, during the months of pregnancy, she may lose her earning capacity and/or not be able to take care of her family and household as in the past. This might require higher expenses on her account. Second, she may need different nutrition during her pregnancy, which might be costly. Third, she would probably need to purchase maternity clothing during the late stages of pregnancy. Finally, in many cases intended parents require their surrogate to travel (for example to and from the clinic), which also has monetary implications. We recommend that intended parents make sure that the surrogate is compensated for these expenses and that they will not be subtracted from the amount promised to her for conducting surrogacy (unless there is explicit reference to this in the surrogacy agreement). In particular, we recommend examining the financial aspects of child care during the pregnancy, especially during periods of medical treatments, and around the time of birth. The best way to confirm this issue is handled adequately is to insert an appropriate clause addressing it and defining the monetary compensations.

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