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Information regarding the ethical aspects of the process

New – Free Consultation!!

What factors affect the experience of surrogates in the process? What topics should you talk about with your potential surrogate before starting? How do factors such as the timing of the medical examinations, the relationship with the surrogate’s family, the state in which the embryo transfer takes place (within the United States or in other countries), and the choice between a c-section and natural birth relate to the ethical aspects of surrogacy and how can intended parents prevent mental distress for all involved? And what about the egg donor, if there is one?

About three years ago, we launched “Responsible Surrogacy,” a site designed to promote discourse regarding about the ethical aspects of surrogacy processes and to enable processes that will benefit all parties involved. We read academic materials, talked to agencies, parents and surrogates, and built a knowledge base that made these issues accessible to the general public.

Now, we are launching another avenue for sharing information about the ethical aspects of the process – free consultation calls for intended parents who want information to help them make the right decisions upon entering the process. The conversations are suitable for couples or individuals, LGBTQ or straight, who think of expanding their family through surrogacy.

The “Responsible Surrogacy” team consists of volunteers with no affiliation (economic or otherwise) to surrogacy agencies in Israel or abroad. Some of us are fathers of children born in the US and India. The offered conversations are not intended to promote any specific service providers, but rather to expose the parents to the ethical issues that should be considered when entering the process.

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