Responsible Surrogacy

Information regarding the ethical aspects of the process

To understand if the the payment received by the surrogate is adequate, it is of course important to evaluate it relative to the cost of living in the country where she lives. Since there is great variation between countries and because there are frequent changes in the standards of payment for surrogacy in different countries, we chose not to go into detail regarding the economic implications of surrogacy for the surrogate. However, we recommend that intended parents look into these issues when starting the process and get a clearer picture regarding the costs of living in the country where the surrogate lives. Is the monetary compensation granted to the surrogate (if the process was not an altruistic one) enough to buy a house with? Is it enought to get her children through school? Apart from the various online sites that can help compare the cost of living in different countries, parents are also advised to consult with people who recently carried out surrogacy in the same country – and of course with the surrogate herself. As noted in detail under another section, it is also advisable to consider how the money is transferred to a surrogate.


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