Responsible Surrogacy

Information regarding the ethical aspects of the process

The Israeli Ministry of Health guidelines regarding surrogacy do not permit a woman to be a surrogate more than three times in her lifetime. We assume the rationale behind this restriction was to try and minimize medical risks and reduce, if possible, the likelihood that a woman will see surrogacy as a “full time job”. In general, Israeli law tries to balance the needs of the intended parents and the surrogate’s autonomy over her body – and tries to limit women using their bodies as a source of income, while risking their own health. Other countries do not usually limit the amount of times women can be surrogates.

This issue is connected to the social implications of surrogacy and to state supervision at the macro level – and the implications of this state of mind for individual cases are not necessarily clear. Should intended parents who wish to take the surrogate’s well being into account refuse a surrogate who wants to enter the process out of her own  free will? We do not wish to take a stand on this issue, but in our opinion this is an issue that intended parents should think of when starting the process.

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