Responsible Surrogacy

Information regarding the ethical aspects of the process

Unfortunately, not all IVF transfers result in successful pregnancies. However, every such transfer requires a long medical procedure, often accompanied by emotional aspects, for the surrogate, which includes administration of hormones that affect everyday life. Of course, the failure of a transfer attempt itself involves some difficult emotional effects for the intended parents and the surrogate. These considerations led the Israeli ministry of health, for example, to dictate that all contracts must predetermine the maximum number of transfer attempts, and in any case not allow for more than six transfer attempts. In addition, these regulation set an upper limit for the period in which attempts will be made (18 months in Israel). These restrictions are not just to preserve the health of the surrogate, but also to prevent futile attempts with a low likelihood of success. We recommend that intended parents consider, along with the surrogate, whether it is right to set any restrictions in the agreement in this regard.

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