Responsible Surrogacy

Information regarding the ethical aspects of the process

1. “Birthing a Mother” – A book by Dr. Eli Teman detailing the findings of her ethnographical research on surrogacy on Israel

2. Surrogacy360 – an independent, commercial-free site, providing factual information and resources on international commercial surrogacy

3. Ethics and regulation of inter-country medically assisted reproduction: a call for action – a 2016 academic paper

4. A Framework for ethical surrogacy for intended parents published by “Men Having Babies”

5. A paper written by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine concerning the risks of egg donation and relevant recommendation

6. A paper by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists concerning the ethical responsibility of doctors with respect to surrogacy

7. Personal stories of surrogates: 

a. A paper by “Isha L’Isha”, an Israeli feminist organization, collection testimonials of Indian surrogates (from a critical viewpoint). (Hebrew)

b. Short Interviews with five American surrogates, including links to two of their blogs (from a supportive viewpoint)

8. A paper by the Indian Centre for Social Research including statistical data on surrogacy in the country

9. Website for the Israeli committee for approval of surrogacy arrangements, including different information on the process in the country (Hebrew)

10. The recommendations of the Israeli public committee for legislation of different aspects of fertility and birth (2012) (Hebrew)

11. A summary made by the Israeli parliament’s center for information and research concerning surrogacy in Israel and surrogacy conducted abroad by Israelis (2012) (Hebrew)

12. A Paper regarding the psychological considerations that should be taken in matching surrogates to parents (Hebrew)

13. A presentation detailing the results of Dr. Etti Samama’s research on surrogacy in Israel (Hebrew)

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