Responsible Surrogacy

Information regarding the ethical aspects of the process

Responsible Surrogacy” is a project that was created by an ad-hoc team, which is not associated with any organization. It was established between late 2013 and April 2014. Our team of volunteers, consisting of men and women, united around a single cause: to provide access to information regarding the ethical considerations of the process to people who are thinking about parenthood through surrogacy. As a team, we do not hold the same opinions on many issues regarding surrogacy, including the question of its legitimacy and the level of regulation that should be imposed by law. However, we all believe that as long as surrogacy is being held across the world, it is better that parents be made fully aware of these ethical aspects.

We started off the project by examining reading material on the matter from academic, legal, social and governmental sources, as well as surrogacy contracts from different countries. Eventually, we built our information center based on the personal experience of the group’s members and the literature examined. Together, we defined what the appropriate product would be for our project, we commented on each other’s work and did some writing together. Finally, we presented our site to various people who were invited to present comments and additions. Among others, we approached Israeli feminist organizations, legal experts, surrogacy agencies and surrogates. These comments were implemented in the site during April 2014.

This site is not meant to be updated on a regular basis. However, it may be updated in the future given major comments or changes in the way surrogacy is being conducted. In the future, we wish to open an active forum which will allow visitors to share personal stories and thoughts regarding the ethical aspects of surrogacy – and to advise with other forum members regarding their own process.

 “Responsible Surrogacy” consists of:

Ofer Beit Halachmi

Dr. Laura Wharton

Maayan Niezna

Sheli Friedman

Eitan Schechtman

And special thanks goes to Sibylle Lustenberger and Prof. (Emerita) Meira Weiss, who were partially involved in the work of our team and have contributed greatly to our work.

Please feel free to contact us at

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