Responsible Surrogacy

Information regarding the ethical aspects of the process

Different cultures and different countries have very different approach to women who are surrogates. Generally speaking, in more advanced societies there is more knowledge about surrogacy and greater acceptance of the surrogate’s situation. On the other hand, in India, for example, many surrogates experience considerable social difficulties during the surrogacy process. In some cases, women were forced to leave their place of residence for the duration of the pregnancy (using some “cover story” or another) to avoid social stigmas. One of the main concerns some of the women have is that their close environment might believe that they have sold their baby to a western couple for money. Obviously, this social atmosphere might leave the surrogacy feeling alone. In fact, recent research conducted among surrogates in India has clearly demonstrated that the hardest part of the process for them was keeping it secret. Testimonies of Indian surrogates also emphasizes this difficulty.

In Western countries there is a greater acceptance of the process and of the surrogate’s situation. In addition, the social structures in these countries often dictate a lower dependence on one’s local community, and hence the risk of social ostracism is somewhat lower. However, even in these countries surrogacy is often accompanied by some stigmas.

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