Responsible Surrogacy

Information regarding the ethical aspects of the process

The decision on surrogacy should be taken by the surrogate and her only. However, there is no way to verify conclusively that the decision is not dictated in some way by another party (particularly the surrogate’s partner). Supposedly, this issue is mostly relevant in countries where women’s status is low, such as India. However, it should also be a major concern in Western countries such as the United States – and should be taken into account in these countries as well.

The only way to reduce this risk is by a face to face encounter with the surrogate, which could help parents to better understand her situation. Parents might also want to emphasize to their agency that is it requested to do its utmost to ensure that the decision of the surrogate was taken independently with full understanding of the risks. Many agencies do their best to reduce the problem, and we recommend using agencies which have recommendations from others regarding this aspect.

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