Responsible Surrogacy

Information regarding the ethical aspects of the process

In some cases where there is contact with the surrogate during her pregnancy, the intended parents meet her nuclear family – her spouse and children. This connection is sometimes formed before the signing of the agreement, and continues throughout pregnancy, around the time of the birth and thereafter. Like the connection with the surrogate, it takes place either over the internet or in person, depending on the circumstances. Such contact can be beneficial in two ways: First, it adds a human and emotional side to the relationship with the surrogate, as opposed to a purely economic one, and thus improves the relationship between the intended parents and the surrogate. Second, such a connection throughout the process may allow parents the possibility to identify issues and challenges that arise within the surrogate’s immediate support circles (for example – issues between the surrogate and her spouse) and try to help resolve them (either directly with her, or perhaps with the assistance of the agency).

However, not all surrogates wish for such a deep involvement of the parents in their private domain – and one should be sensitive to the surrogate’s wishes in this regard.

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